Yamada Yuko

Yuko is a creative photographer currently based in Hiroshima, Japan. She was born in Aichi Prefecture and raised in Hiroshima. She lived in Melbourne to work and study in her mid-late twenties and came back home in 2013. Her first photography project started while she was at NMIT in Fairfield learning basic film as well as digital photography skills. Yuko photographs her subjects with her strong observational eyes. If she describes herself in one word, it would be "calm." Yuko is a Getty Images contributor since 2012.


Curriculum Vitae


1985 Aichi, JAPAN


2012 Certificate IV in Photoimaging at NMIT


2012 - Present Getty Images contributor

Group Exhibition

2012 NMIT Espy Corridor Exhibition, NMIT, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

2012 NMIT Espy Titles Exhibition, NMIT, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

2014 General Photographic Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan



Twitter: @adamayokuy

Instagram: @adamayokuy

LinkedIn: yamadayuko



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