Life flows over time and spade

World where lights and shadows exist

Light in a certain moment of our daily life

Capture the light by giving some time

So as to accept shadows.

My work is about harmony of lights and shadows.


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Painterly Photography

In 2012, Melbourne, Australia, my first nature themed abstract work was created. I wanted to convey painterly feel seen in expressionists' work such as Claude Monet by using digital photographic medium and my experiments had begun. After experimented with several subjects and methods, water waves became one of my work subjects. I would walked to the beach during sunset time as it was my routine back then. While the sun set over the horizon, I photographed breaking waves. This series aims to create painterly feel photographs that has quality colors and textures rather than lines.


•    •    •


Light in the Nature

While living in Melbourne, my visual sense accustomed to the nature colours of Australia. In 2013, when I came back to Hiroshima where I grew up, I noticed a colour difference. The sky looked softer as if I was viewing the world through a watery filter, which I thought of it as unique. I meant to continue my work with the same subject but now I live in the mountain side. All you can see is the sky over mountains so I chose the sky for my new subject. Mostly, I do a shoot at a lookout point in my neighbourhood during sunset time. This series originated in Painterly Photography. Now that I focus more on my work concept which is capturing light in a certain moment rather than the technical approach, I call it Light in the Nature.


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Light in the City

I started this project in 2017 when I visited Tokyo for the first time in a decade. Looking at those Illuminated city buildings at night made me feel dizzy. Architecture in Tokyo is so beautiful and I didn’t know how to look at them. People worked day after day to make a living for themselves and their loved ones. This city is made of concentrated power of people from all over the archipelago. I deeply felt that when I saw those high-rise buildings and people on the street. I was actually overwhelmed. In my eyes, things looked much sharper and colors are deeper even during the day. I never realized the climate of Tokyo is different to that of Hiroshima until I saw the sky at dawn. I also learnt that even sunrise and sunset time is not the same. It is just a slight difference but that was enough to affect my biological rhythm. In order to accommodate my rhythm to this new environment, I have started to stroll the city. In this series, architecture is my subject to capture light.


•    •    •


Light in the City - BW

Light in the City in BW series is a one-time project. As I continued my photography journey, my interest shifted to shapes created by sunlight reflecting on architecture buildings and urban nature such as trees. For this series, I took three basic approach, shooting in the morning, shooting with a standard smartphone camera in monochrome, and keep the same angle, which is looking-up angle. Filter I applied was noir filter in the standard camera app and that was to exaggerate the strong contrast. Shooting from looking-up angle creates triangle or trapezoid shapes which may give impressions such as durability, stability, trust, consistency, perpetuity, as well as self-control. I chose monochrome colour because I believe it helps viewer see the essence of light than in colour. In this series, shape created by sunlight and architecture is my subject.


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I am here to be a part of this world. Will you?

Through my spontaneous creative process, these words came up to my mind. Life is tough and challenging to us every minute, but there is a moment when they talk to you to give us a message that they are here and care for us.


©Yamada Yuko
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