Lights and Reflections in Kanazawa, Japan

March, 2018 Kanazawa, Japan

 When I arrived at Kanazawa station, it was raining. I didn’t do much research about this city because it was a group trip and I didn’t have to make plans. I didn’t have to make any plans as everything from train tickets, lunch, hotels, and to a half day tour was arranged by my seniors. I had a stress-free travel with these great fellows. They know me very well and know what I love to do, so I just chose to follow their plans. All I had to do was to be there on time. 

 I enjoyed chatting with them while on trains. Four hour travel was felt much shorter and seafood we had at a sushi place was really good. After lunch, we took a half-day bus tour to visit Kenrokuen Garden and old towns. It was raining a little but the rain makes this city look more beautiful. Tour bus took us back to the station at dusk and we had a meal at an Oden place. Hotel we stayed was near the station and it was very convenient for us to explore the city. Lights and reflections were the theme for this travel. Being punctual gave me a sharp focus on what I shoot as well. In the limited time frame, I only shot what really captured my eyes. The rest of it, I enjoyed walking and having company with my fellows. 

 On the second day in the morning, I went for a stroll through the city with my camera with no plan. The weather was gloomy. Few cars run on the street. The city was quiet and looked dull. Kanazawa looks more beautiful when it is rainy. Especially when you are in old town districts and walk on alleys that are paved with natural stones amid traditional Japanese wooden buildings. Colors become deeper and those wet streets look fresh and shiny reflecting lights and the overcast sky. I wished that cloudy and rainy weather, but it was just a cloudy morning. I went down to an underpass to the station. I didn’t expect anything, but I met something. Underground pass was empty and All I could see was creamy white color space with limestone pillars and wavy ceilings evenly illuminating the whole. As I kept walking to the station, I could see the water streaming down a tall glass object like a waterfall. Natural light was coming through from above to light the water space, which was amazing. 

 After a couple of hours of strolling, I returned to my hotel to have a breakfast and then headed to the next destination with my friends. Having company with them was actually a lot of fun. They know things I don’t know and vice versa. We could help each other. I felt easy so I could take good photos as a result. That is all thanks to them and I really appreciate what they have done for me. It sometimes scares me when I don’t know where to go and what to do next. I used to step back and choose to do things on my own so that I can achieve what I want to do, but not any more. I changed my way. Everything changed once I embraced the way it is and that brought me more joy and happiness.

Someone said there is always a way out 

When you feel lost 

Don’t know what to do next

Look for a light 

You will find it as long as you want to see it 

So, don’t step back if you feel scared 

All you have to do is take a deep breath 

Forget everything

Take it easy

Things will work out for you










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