2012  - NMIT Espy Corridor Exhibition, NMIT, Melbourne, Australia


Artist Statement 

 "When you are in the dark, you would feel that you cannot see anything. But if you stay still and allow some time, you will be able to see something. The more you take time, the more you will see. Because darkness/shadows exist where light is. You look for light." A landscape photographer said that to me when he explained how he had shot his images at night, in complete darkness. I believe my work is about accepting darkness so as to find light. 

 During the first semester, we learned several shooting techniques and I am fascinated by silhouette and slow shutter speed. 

 "Capture the moment" creates a silhouette of a man taking photos of scenery who is surrounded by tremendous light.

 “Time goes by” captures a guy looking at the tram and the red car that passing by each other as if he were witnessing intersection of time line where past, present, and future exist.    

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©Yamada Yuko
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